Thrive Scholarship Program

Paterson GlobalFoods Inc. is pleased to offer the availability of its Thrive Program.  The Thrive Program is specifically designed for students currently enrolled in high school or post-secondary who are interested in pursuing a career in agriculture.

The Thrive Program uniquely combines financial assistance, career training and, upon successful completion of a post-secondary education, the potential for a long term career with Paterson GlobalFoods Inc.

We invite you to download an application for the Thrive Program.

Program FAQ


Q: What happens if I change my field of study once I am in the program?

A: In order to be considered, and to remain eligible for the Thrive Scholarship Program, you must register in and take classes that upon graduation will provide you with a Diploma/Degree which has been approved by the Thrive Administrator at the time of the award of the Scholarship. Should circumstances change and you want to take another field of study, this must be approved by the Administrator for you to remain in Thrive Program.

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Q: What is a Thrive Mentor?

A: A Thrive Mentor is a Paterson employee who provides support during your time in the Thrive Scholarship Program. Communication with your Mentor will be critical, and can be beneficial in providing advice related to work, career, or professional development throughout the school year and during your summer training. He/She will also be your link in helping you to stay in touch with the Paterson GlobalFoods Inc. family to ensure you are informed about company events. (ie fundraising, Christmas Party, etc.)

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Q: Once I am accepted into the Thrive Program do I automatically get financial aid each and every year?

A: In order to remain eligible for financial support in subsequent years, you must maintain satisfactory academic standing and complete 12 weeks of scheduled Summer Training per year as part of the thrive program.

Summer Training: A person that fails to successfully complete Summer Training due to poor job performance will be subject to review by the Thrive Administrator, who will decide whether you are to remain a participant/recipient of the Thrive Program.

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Q: What type of summer training would I be doing and in what location?

A: For the first summer your training will be related to your chosen field of study, with the remaining years providing you with a varied experience to give you knowledge of the Paterson GlobalFoods Inc. operations in both the field and office. During Summer Training placement the following will be considered: your family home location, your preferred work location, what location will provide you with the required training and necessary experiences.

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Q: Is there a formal interview process and what form will it take?

A: Depending upon your location the interview will be in person or a combination of in person and telephone/video interview. The interview accounts for part of the overall selection criteria.

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Q: Is there any opportunity for me to work throughout the school year to earn extra money during weekends, holidays, and breaks?

A: Yes, your Thrive Program Mentor will be communicating with you on a regular basis and will help you find possible additional employment opportunities during breaks throughout the academic year.

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Q: What happens if I take more than 2 years of College to obtain a Diploma or more than 4 years of University to obtain a Degree?

A: The Thrive Scholarship is set up to provide an individual with 2 or 4 years of financial aid to complete a normal load of 5 courses per semester. If it takes you more than the customary 2 or 4 year time period to graduate, you will be responsible for funding the additional schooling/time, under normal conditions. Unusual circumstances may be considered for additional financial support.

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Q: What happens if I decide to drop out of the Paterson Thrive Program once I receive financial aid?

A: You will be required to reimburse the Thrive Program any and all monies paid toward your education. This does not include the monies you were paid for Summer Training. A payback agreement will be set up upon commencement of the program.

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Q: What are Performance Goals for summer training?

A: Your success as a summer trainee will be assessed against a set of Performance Goals that you will be given at the beginning of your Summer Training. These are based on factors such as attitude, team work, ability to learn new material, tardiness, attendance, etc.

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Q: Who can I talk to if I have additional questions?

A: Contact the HR number provided on your Thrive Scholarship Application form.

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Q: If I receive a scholarship(s) can I still get financial aid funding?

A: Yes. Many scholarship recipients also receive various forms of financial assistance. While scholarship funding will affect your financial aid award, financial aid offices work to help each student achieve the most beneficial financial aid package possible. Typically scholarships are used to reduce, or to replace, loan or work funding. If you have specific questions about how a scholarship will affect your financial aid, contact your local University/College financial aid office. One thing to remember — it may be necessary for you to claim your scholarships as income when you file your taxes, so keep records of all the awards you receive.

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Q: How many Thrive Scholarships are awarded annually?

A: Up to 10 scholarships are awarded annually.

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Q: When will selected recipients be notified?

A: Only those accepted into the Thrive Program will be notified. Scholarships are normally awarded in September each year.

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Q: Where does the Scholarship Cheque get sent?

A: Students will need to submit their bills and then a cheque will be issued to them from the Thrive Program.

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Q: When being considered for a scholarship, is performance taken into consideration?

A: Yes, the following areas will be considered in determining an overall rating to an application: academics, leadership, community involvement, student essay and interview.

If you have more questions related to your scholarship eligibility, be sure to contact the Human Resources Staff at Paterson GlobalFoods Inc. at the number provided.

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Q: Do you have to have been accepted to a College or University when applying for the Thrive Scholarship?

A: No, but before you are awarded the Thrive Scholarship you must provide a Letter of Acceptance from a Degree/Diploma accredited University.

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Q: What type of expenses does the Thrive Scholarship cover?

A: The Thrive Scholarship may be used to cover tuition, fees, and books.

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Q: Should my scholarship application be denied, is it necessary or helpful to reapply?

A: If a Thrive Scholarship is not granted for one semester, students are encouraged to reapply for the next semester.

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Q: What happens if I haven’t settled on a field of study at the time of applying?

A: Other factors will be considered, such as location for employment, home locations, Paterson related employment, etc.

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