Employee Spotlight Feature

The Employee Spotlight is a new campaign that profiles some of the great people that work for our company.

This week, we say hello to Brett!

I started with Paterson in December of 2012 as a Sales Agronomist in the Crop Inputs division. Since then, Paterson GlobalFoods has offered me opportunities to advance my career as I am currently the Retail Manager in Killarney, Manitoba. I went to school at the University of Manitoba and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness.

As a Retail Manager, I deal with both staff and customers on a daily basis. My job has various roles including finding and training new staff, building and growing relationships with our customers, and managing for long term sustainability. The agriculture business and the needs of our customers are always changing. Working with customers to find out what they require is a big part of my daily duties. Having the right people and a strong team is essential for achieving success.

Paterson GlobalFoods is a great place to work. For such a large business, the PGF culture is still locally rooted. I enjoy the fact that we get to share ideas and opinions with our superiors and receive honest feedback. It’s also nice not having to jump through several hoops to get an answer. We are either given the tools to make the decisions, or the answer is just a phone call away.   There are many different people working in this company, all with different views, opinions and talents. It’s nice to be able to lean on the entire team to accomplish what is needed.

What gets me going every morning is the fact that each day is different. Different challenges, different conversations, and different scenarios each and every day. I think everyone wants to be challenged and take on some responsibility in their job.  That’s what makes you feel valued and gives you the ability to grow as an individual and an employee. Otherwise, what’s the point?  PGF has given me this and continues to challenge me every day.

Growing up on a mixed family farm in rural Manitoba, I knew a long time ago that I wanted to do something in Agriculture. I didn’t realize how many opportunities there were until I went to the University of Manitoba and found endless career path options I never knew existed. I started my first two years of university in agronomy, but then switched over to the business side of things as I became more interested in dealing with customers and business operations.

In my spare time I like to play recreational hockey and men’s slow-pitch within our community. Many of my customers are involved in these activities and I really enjoy getting to know them on a personal level.  I also enjoy travelling with my wife and sharing new adventures with my family.