Continuous Improvement


Paterson is a family-owned business that cares deeply about the future of the agricultural industry in Canada.  As the farmers we serve, Paterson is dependent upon what the land provides, and has a vested interest in ensuring the integrity of agriculture for your family and ours.

Here at Paterson, we feel that Canadian farmers are and continue to be tremendous stewards of the environment, and we want to make sure that these efforts are recognized.  We also feel that, as with everything in life, the need for improvement is constant.  As a result, Paterson is committed to improving its environmental footprint and supporting producers in their efforts to improve farm level environmental impacts.  Paterson is equally dedicated to supporting the needs of our end-use customers with respect to environmentally-friendly initiatives; and work with a broad spectrum of progressively-minded producers who can turn these initiatives into reality at the field level.

In order to frame our thinking about continuous improvement, Paterson has developed four broad pillars.  The four pillars of Paterson’s focus on continuous improvement:

  • Environmental Stewardship;
  • Technological Advancement;
  • Improved end-use Characteristics; and
  • Improved Farm Gate Profitability

Over the coming year, we look forward to sharing stories about what Paterson is doing to improve not only the environmental contributions made by Canadian agriculture, but also Paterson’s environmental footprint itself with reference to each of the above pillars.

You can look for these stories on our website at:, or on Twitter or Instagram at @patersongrain.

For more information on how producers can work with Paterson on environmental stewardship, please contact: 204-926-9556.

For more information on how Paterson can assist users of cereals, oilseeds or pulses to implement environmental initiatives, please contact 204-956-2090.